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chalice50 Bloomfield Avenue, Hartford, CT 06105
Tel: (860) 233-9897 / FAX 233-1333
Email: firstunitarian@ushartford.com
Revs. Cathy & Heather Rion Starr

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Welcome Visitors to the Unitarian Society of Hartford (USH)!

WelcomeIf you visit …

We hope you will visit us for a Sunday service! We'd like to welcome you when you come, so do stop by the Welcome Table in the front lobby, where you can find information and support. It's best if you can arrive 10 or 15 minutes early, but if you don’t have time before the service, stop at the Welcome Table afterwards. We especially wish for you to meet our minister.

If you’d like to read a general letter of welcome to newcomers, click on Welcome Visitors (PDF). You will also find it available at the Welcome Table.

To learn more about Unitarian Universalism …
If you want to learn more about our Unitarian Universalist (UU) theology and history or are looking for ways to become more connected within our USH community, you will find information and brochures at the upstairs Welcome Table and the downstairs Visitors Table.

We encourage visitors and newcomers to bring their coffee and join us in quiet conversation in the downstairs lounge area outside of Fellowship Hall. You will be welcome at any of the scheduled sessions.

Becoming involved …

There are many ways for newcomers to become involved in our UU community. If you’d like to be contacted, you can fill out the pink card, “Find your Connection at USH,” located on the back of the pews, and place it in the collection basket. We also have an” Easy Starts” list especially geared to newcomers. Easy Start activities are a great way to start becoming involved at USH in small ways. It is available downstairs at the Visitors Table during coffee hour or you can download a copy by clicking Easy Starts.)

Newcomers are also welcome to take part in any of the activities we offer. Click on Programs for Adults and Families (There is a PDF Catalog) to see current offerings.

To learn more about membership in our Society, please click on Becoming a Member (PDF).

Why do people join? …

Just as we believe there are many paths to the truth, there are many reasons our members join USH. Read some member testimonials and “Why I Joined USH” essays below.    

Join us for a service, perhaps for more.  Explore our traditions, our people … explore yourself.  As our opening words say, “Whoever you are, whomever you love ... whether you walked in on little feet or rolled in ... whatever your yesterday or your tomorrow, you are welcome.”  Sundays are just the beginning.


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Why I Joined



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